I Learned These 18 Life Hacks This Week And Desperately Wanted To Share Them With All Of You

Hi there! I'm Sarah. I'm a huge fan of life hacks that are actually helpful. I hate seeing ones online that are super involved, straight-up expensive, or overly complicated. So I wrote a post last week highlighting some actually doable life hacks and it looks like a lot of you enjoyed learning about them, too!

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So I'm back with a fresh batch of life hacks. If you know a trick that's improved your life, feel free to comment below and I may include it in an upcoming BuzzFeed post. But for now, let's get to the good stuff:

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These are sourced from the comments of previous life hack posts, as well as the /lifehacks subreddit.


1."Pizza cutters are the most under utilized kitchen utensil." You can use them for so much more than just, well, pizza.

pizza cutter that diced ham


"I use one to cut my kids pancakes!"


u/MatternTimes / Via reddit.com

2."Use a flashlight to help you find small dropped items like pins or staples. It's also way easier to spot small pieces of broken glass. You'll be able to see changes in texture and color more easily and the reflection from the flash will really help, even if you're looking in daylight."


3."Duct tape a washcloth around a hanger to clean under your fridge and stove."

the rag being used to clean
u/PrityBird / Via reddit.com

4."When packing for a long road trip or camping, freeze gallon-sized milk bottles full of water to keep your food and drinks cold. Why buy ice? Plus, if the local water tastes bad or you don't have access to clean water, you can always let them melt and drink them."


5."Our diaper bin broke so I am using a litter container instead. Just saved me $30."

large litter bin
u/Abuolhol / Via reddit.com

6."If you accidentally drop an eggshell into your bowl of eggs, scoop it out using the other half of the eggshell. The pieces will almost gravitate toward each other (wet fingers and strainer also work but find this to be the quickest and easiest)."


"THIS!!! More people need to know this!!! As well as checking for broken eggs in the carton at the grocery store before purchasing."


7."One chopstick + two rubber bands = getting all the toothpaste out of the tube."

toothpick tied to some toothpaste
u/CaramelTHNDR / Via reddit.com

8."If you're ever baking and realize you're out of eggs, use mayo. I go by this formula: three tablespoons of mayo equals one egg. You'll also be surprised that it makes things a little moister."


9."Drink your coffee without watering it down. Just freeze coffee in an ice cube tray and store in your freezer."

coffee ice cubes
u/duff_daddy3 / Via reddit.com

10."If you need to warm up cold butter in a hurry, simply heat a dish big enough to cover the amount of butter needed. I typically microwave the dish with a bit of water in it to help heat it up. Then, dry the dish and place it over the cold butter. Within five to seven minutes, the butter will be softened. It's way better than microwaving it. It's a quick simple hack that works 😊."


11.Throw your pillows in the dryer to help fluff them back up. "Who doesn't love fluffy pillows?!"

fluffed up pillows
u/dadlookididathing / Via reddit.com

12."Keep some dry-erase markers in the bathroom. They're great for writing out notes, to-dos, and reminders to take stuff like vitamins or medications. They work on most mirrors and glass shower doors. Plus, it's easy to wipe off. I like how when brushing my teeth at night I can quickly see what I have to do the next day."


"They also work on stainless steel fridges! Great for notes and grocery lists!"


13."Put lemon juice on your apple slices to keep them from oxidizing for a couple days."

lemon juice next to a carton of apples
u/PrityBird / Via reddit.com

14."Have a broken bulb stuck in a socket? Disconnect the power, shut off the light, and cut a potato in half. Press the potato into the socket to safely unscrew the broken bulb."


"If it's a hardwired fixture, turn it off at the fuse box before you start."


15."I use a hairpin to mark the end of my tape."

bobbly pick stuck to the beginning of the tape roll


"You can also just fold over the end as a handy flap."


u/Rough3Years / Via reddit.com

16."If you have deodorant stains on your clothes, simply rub them off using pantyhose. It works perfectly."


17."Keep your craft beer fresh by covering it with a cat food cover. They have a duel purpose!"

the lid on the brew
u/tagratt / Via reddit.com

And finally...

18."Use chopsticks when eating Cheetos to avoid 1) unsightly orange fingertips, and 2) getting cheesy dust on anything you touch during the Cheeto eating process."

Lisafx / Getty Images/ iStockphoto

Now, it's your turn! What's a life hack that you started doing that has improved your daily life? Comment below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.