14 Brutally Hysterical Siblings Who Are Way Too Funny For Their Families

1. This brother, who sent their sibling this letter of love from across the country:

letter just says "bitch"

2.This sister, who — for some reason — opens her soda cans like this:

soda opened like a can of veggies

3. This sibling, who literally mailed their sister one square of toilet paper:

4. This brother, whose last-minute order totally backfired on him:

5. This sibling, who sent their sister exactly what she asked for:

6. This brother, who is absolutely hysterical when his sibling's birthday rolls around:

7. This sister, whose really long hair looks like something else:

8. This brother, who — for some reason — feels this is the perfect spot to play video games:

9. This sister, who has a hilarious way of making her heartbroken sibling feel better after a breakup:

10. This sibling, who got their brother this birthday cake after he kept talking about his new house:

11. This sibling, who had a cheeky response to their brother's message checking on his cat:

12. This brother, who cleaned up their sibling's room, and then wrote them this hilariously snarky note:

note says, dear idiot, when was the last time you cleaned your room you shameless, lazy fool

13. This sibling, who sent their brother this hilarious birthday cake:

14. And this brother, who will never be allowed to make the Kool-Aid ever again: