What is the '2 Days Into College' song trending on TikTok, and why is a Duke basketball player involved?

What is the '2 Days Into College' song trending on TikTok, and why is a Duke basketball player involved?

Irish TikTok creator and budding Spotify artist Aimee Carty (@AimeeCarty), 20, posted a video to TikTok on Dec. 6, 2023, singing her newest song, “2 Days Into College,” while accompanying herself on keyboard. This is Carty’s third single on Spotify, and it has quickly become her most popular song — by far.

That video currently has over 21 million views, and two additional posts she made singing the same song received over 15 million views combined. Meanwhile, the song itself has nearly 7 million streams on Spotify, while her other tracks have each logged fewer than a million streams on the music platform.

Fans took to the TikTok comments to say they were “obsessed” with her catchy tune — and her Irish accent — comparing "2 Days Into College" to a song from comedian/musician Bo Burnham or an opening number to a musical.

“I like that u sing with ur Irish accent,” commented @cian77615.

“Why does it feel like the opening number to a new broadway show,” @ameliahr17 wrote.

More than 65,000 TikTokers have used clips from Carty’s song to show how their college experience is going or just to say that they can’t get the song out of their heads.

A Duke basketball player gets in on the act

Of the thousands of users making videos with the song, one of the most popular is Jared McCain (@jaredmccain24), 19, the starting shooting guard for the Duke University men’s basketball team. McCain is a popular TikToker himself, separately from his athletic career, with over 2 million followers of his own.

"Post workout jingles," McCain wrote on his original post, in which he sings an a cappella cover of McCarty's song. "Aimee Carty was elite with this."

“You own this song,” replied @godwalter8898.

“Jared really put us on,” commented @_roger24ja.

McCain has made four posts with the song, with each offering a different take on the sound. The most popular version has amassed nearly 9 million views. The college freshman's promotion of the song on his TikTok feed has led some users to dub it his theme song.

Other TikTokers have been waiting for a collaboration between him and Carty.

“You should collab with Jared McCain,” replied @thinums under Carty’s initial viral post.

Neither Carty nor McCain responded to Yahoo News's request for comment.

While a traditional collaboration hasn’t happened as of yet, Carty did stitch one of McCain’s posts with her song.

“Appreciation post for Jared thank you everyone for all the love on this song,” Carty wrote in the caption.

Watching the pair take on this song in one video was just what many users wanted to see.

“The duo we need,” replied @jmeseke.

“THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR,” commented @20ck02.