Los Cabos tourist refuses to back away from bull, pays the price

Lots of crazy things happen on the beaches of Los Cabos, Mexico, but being attacked by a bull has to be a rare event.

The accompanying footage shows a woman being knocked down by a bull that had just been harassed by dogs at La Fortuna in Baja California Sur’s East Cape region.

Unfortunately for the tourist, she seemed more concerned about gathering her belongings than walking away from the beast. (Video contains salty language from others imploring the woman to back off.)

The clip was shared via X by BCS Noticias under the translated description: “Bull that was confronted by a trio of dogs had attacked a woman; The events occurred on La Fortuna beach, in BCS.”

In the footage, the woman is rammed and knocked down by the bull, which apparently had strayed from a nearby ranch.

It was not clear if the woman suffered serious injuries.

Story originally appeared on For The Win