Ukrainian soldiers down Russian Su-25 attack jet – Zelenskyy

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Ukraine’s 110th Separate Mechanised Brigade has downed a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft in Donetsk Oblast.

Source: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a video address on 4 May

Quote from Zelenskyy: "I would especially like to mention the soldiers from the 110th Separate Mechanised Brigade for having downed another Russian Su-25 in Donetsk Oblast today."

Details: Zelenskyy thanked all the soldiers, "all those who despite the intense Russian pressure, despite all the difficulties of the current situation destroy the occupier".

"Every combat brigade of ours that holds its positions firmly, every warrior who ensures the result for himself, for his brothers-in-arms, and for his unit, defends the whole of Ukraine and preserves the opportunity for Ukraine not only to withstand but also to repel the occupier", the President said.

He also thanked the military in mobile fire groups, the Air Force and the air defence forces of other branches of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, "all those who are protecting now and will continue to protect the Ukrainian skies from Russian terror".

"It is important to be as [vigilant] as possible these days," Zelenskyy added.

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