Ukrainian and Hungarian police collaborate on DNA identification in Uzhhorod meeting - National Police

Hungary to help Ukraine with DNA identification
Hungary to help Ukraine with DNA identification

The police of Ukraine and Hungary have agreed to cooperate in conducting DNA research to identify people killed as a result of Russian aggression, the Ukrainian National Police reported on its website on March 26.

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"Under martial law, Ukrainian police officers have been assigned new tasks that are not typical for the police," Ukrainian National Police chief Ivan Vyhivskyi said after his March 26 meeting in Uzhhorod with a delegation of Hungarian police officers led by his counterpart Janos Balogh.

“These include participation in combat operations, stabilization operations, evacuations, investigation of war crimes, and identification of unidentified bodies. Any help and support that our partners can give us to ensure the activities of our units is important to us now."

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The agencies also agreed to cooperate in the fight against illegal arms and drug trafficking, and organized crime.

Currently, the main focus of Hungarian police assistance to Ukraine is explosives safety. Ukrainian experts have participated in 12 training courses on neutralizing explosive devices, using unmanned robotic systems, and countering radiation, chemical, and biological hazards.

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Underwater demining training was also provided to Ukrainian police officers in Budapest. The necessary equipment and tools for neutralizing enemy traps were provided.

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