Ukraine set to transform into 'world's premier defense arsenal', Ukroboronprom chief declares

Ukroboronprom CEO Herman Smetanin
Ukroboronprom CEO Herman Smetanin

Ukraine is set to transform into a pivotal hub for global defense, testing, and refining some of the world's most advanced weaponry, Ukroboronprom CEO Herman Smetanin announced at the "Ukraine's European Path: Dialogues About the Future" event organized by NV on March 28.

"We're not just a testing ground; we're a place where military tech is perfected and updated," Smetanin said.

He emphasized Ukraine's ambition to be recognized as "an arsenal of the free world," moving beyond testing to enhance and expand the production and modernization of arms in line with contemporary and future demands.

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"Ukraine is extending an offer to its allies to not only test their military innovations but also to tailor and enhance them for tomorrow's challenges," Smetanin added.

NV hosts the ‘Ukraine’s European Path:Dialogues About the Future’ event from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EET on March 28.

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