Twitter Could Barely Keep up With Sally Yates' Queenly Congressional Testimony

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Sally Yates, who was the acting attorney general of the United States for a little over a week in January, paid a visit to a senatorial subcommittee on Monday to explain how she frequently and urgently tried to warn the White House during her short tenure in the Department of Justice that its national security adviser had lied about his dealings with Russia and was now sensitive to blackmail by Moscow.

And yet despite her repeated attempts to communicate her concerns, Yates told congressional leaders she wasn't sure she'd made any impact on the administration:

"I don't have any way of knowing what, if anything, they did," she said. "If nothing was done, then certainly that would be concerning."

(Yates wouldn't know, of course, if they acted on her warnings, because she was fired 10 days into Trump's term in office for refusing to defend his Muslim ban in court. It has since been struck down not once, but twice by federal judges.)

Still, Yates said that, at the time, she "wanted to tell the White House as quickly as possible. To state the obvious: You don't want your national security adviser compromised with the Russians."

Throughout her testimony, the room was respectful and mostly quiet, but the scene was basically:

Not least because, in the process: Yates sucker-punched the White House, toppled Ted Cruz, spawned a collection of GIFs so extensive, it'll last us to 2020 at least, and, in general, made the Internet lose its goddamned mind. Here, the best Twitter reactions to her epic, fire-breathing performance:

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