There Was Some Truth to That Ambassador Anna Wintour Rumor

Connor Simpson

That pesky, annoying, three-year-long rumor of Vogue editor Anna Wintour getting a job as an American ambassador, either in London or in France, actually had some truth to it. And, finally, it's been explained. (Oh, and she's not getting either job.)

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According to The New York Times' Nick Confessore and Sheryl Gay Stolberg, it's true that Wintour wanted the British ambassador job. She wanted it bad. But, ultimately, it's probably getting passed to someone closer to the President: 

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But by the time Ms. Wintour returned home to New York, officials had told her the job in London would almost certainly go to someone who had done even more for Mr. Obama: Matthew Barzun, a genial former technology executive who spent 20 grueling months as finance chairman of the president’s national fund-raising operation.

The Wintour-as-ambassador rumors go back a long way -- all the way to 2009. Wintour held fundraisers in her home last year and, in the end, she finished fourth on the list of Obama donors after the election. After that, the rumor mill picked right back up again. There was talk she might get posted to France, though the Times reports that's out of the question now. 

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Hopefully we can finally stop talking about this and Wintour can go back to being the terrifying editor of a fashion magazine striking fear into the hearts of interns everywhere.