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Jared Corey Kushner (born January 10, 1981) is an American investor, real-estate developer, and newspaper publisher who is currently senior advisor to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, the President of the United States. Kushner is the elder son of the former real-estate developer Charles Kushner, the son of Jewish immigrants from the USSR, and is married to Ivanka Trump, President Trump's daughter and advisor.
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  • Putin Marshaled His Oligarchs to Find Back Channels to Trump

    Putin Marshaled His Oligarchs to Find Back Channels to Trump

    WASHINGTON — At 9:34 on the November morning after Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, Kirill Dmitriev, the head of Russia's sovereign wealth fund and an informal envoy for President Vladimir Putin of Russia, sent a text message to a Lebanese-American friend with ties to the Trump campaign. Dmitriev wanted to connect quickly with someone in Trump's inner circle, preferably Donald Trump Jr. or Jared Kushner. By the end of the month, he was in touch with Rick Gerson, a friend of Kushner who manages a New York hedge fund. The two discussed a potential joint investment venture. But the special counsel's report released Thursday suggested that Dmitriev's real interest lay elsewhere: He had

  • Griffin Newman On 'Our Cartoon President', 'The Tick' & 'Draft Day'
    CBS New York

    Griffin Newman On 'Our Cartoon President', 'The Tick' & 'Draft Day'

    (CBS Local)– Griffin Newman's career is on the rise. After dropping out of college and bouncing around the New York comedy scene for years, Newman is now one of the stars of “The Tick” on Amazon Prime and does Jared Kushner's voice on Showtime's “Our Cartoon President.” Newman has wanted parts in the past, but he really wanted to play Kushner because of how much his name is in the news and how little he's actually spoken during his time working for President Trump. “He speaks so rarely,” said Newman in an interview with CBS Local. “I mean, it's this weird thing now… we're going into our second season, so by the end of this season there will be 26 episodes I think. There's more recording of me

  • US News & World Report

    Ivanka Trump, Kushner in Wyoming for Passover

    CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are in Wyoming for Passover. The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports the couple arrived at Cheyenne Regional Airport in President Donald Trump's personal Boeing 757 Thursday before heading to Saratoga, a resort town about 150 miles (241 kilometers) away. The plane emblazoned with the Trump name attracted dozens of onlookers, many of whom took photos and video. It also brought the couple to Cheyenne on their way to Saratoga last spring and stayed for the week. That raised questions about whether having a plane parked at a small airport amounted to an advertisement for the president. This time, the plan is for the plane to leave and return

  • White House and Congress Set to Spar Over Kushner Security Clearance
    The Daily Beast

    White House and Congress Set to Spar Over Kushner Security Clearance

    REUTERSThe White House would like to be in the room when Congressional investigators grill Carl Kline, the official who green-lit Jared Kushner’s security clearance, according to a letter from that official’s lawyer. The letter, which The Daily Beast obtained, describes a conflict between Capital Hill and 1600 Pennsylvania. At issue is an investigation of the security clearance process run by Chairman Elijah Cummings’ Committee on Oversight and Reform. Cummings has subpoenaed Carl Kline, the former head of the White House Presidential Personnel Office who overturned a subordinate’s vetoes of security clearances for multiple White House officials.  Now, Kline is looking to bring an attorney from the White House Counsel’s Office into his interview with Cummings’ staff because of potential executive privilege issues. And, per the letter, the White House wants to be there as well. But lawyers for the committee, per the letter, do not want a White House presence in the room when they question Kline. So there’s an impasse. “There is a continuing constitutional dispute between the Committee and the White House over both the scope of appropriate questions, and now a seeming conflict over whether the Committee may exclude White House counsel from the deposition,” wrote Bob Driscoll of McGlinchey and Stafford, who represents Carl Kline, the official in question. “I am doing my best to manage everyone’s concerns, but again– we have no ability nor authority to resolve this dispute, leaving us caught in the crossfire.” Spokespersons for the committee did not respond to a request for comment on the letter. A White House spokesperson declined to comment.The dispute is part of one of the first blockbuster fights between Capitol Hill and the White House. At issue is a Congressional effort to learn how Kushner and at least two dozen other people working in the White House got security clearances, and whether that process has problems that threaten national security. Tricia Newbold, a White House security specialist and career government official, told Congress last month that at least 25 White House employees received security clearances despite the opposition of career officials. Those officials’ concerns, according to a letter from committee staff summarizing their interview with Newbold, included “a wide range of serious disqualifying issues involving foreign influence, conflicts of interest, concerning personal conduct, financial problems, drug use, and criminal conduct.” Newbold said her supervisor, Carl Kline, overturned efforts to block those officials from receiving clearances. And she said the decision to let them receive access to classified material was made “without proper analysis, documentation, or a full understanding and acceptance of the risks.”According to The Washington Post, Kushner was one of the officials who received a clearance over those objections. Cummings has subpoenaed Kline, who has also spent his career in government. Driscoll, Kline’s lawyer, told The Daily Beast his client would like to have White House lawyers present for his interview with Cummings’ staff because of executive privilege issues. Driscoll’s letter indicates that Cummings’ staff opposes any White House presence in the talk. “From an academic perspective, this constitutional dispute between the branches is fascinating,” he told The Daily Beast. “From an actual lawyer’s perspective, though, it has nothing to do with my client, Mr. Kline.” Driscoll is a veteran of some of Congress’s most contentious oversight battles, and represented clients involved in investigations into Fast and Furious and the firing of U.S. Attorneys during the Bush administration. He also represents Maria Butina, the Russian national who pleaded guilty to conspiring to act as a foreign agent in relation to her efforts to cultivate relationships with American gun rights activists. Read more at The Daily Beast.

  • The French Ambassador Is Retiring Today. Here’s What He Really Thinks About Washington.
    The Atlantic

    The French Ambassador Is Retiring Today. Here’s What He Really Thinks About Washington.

    Gérard Araud says that Trump is right about trade. Kushner is “extremely smart” but has “no guts.” And John Bolton’s not so bad, actually.

  • Trump blames McGahn after Mueller paints damning portrait with notes from White House aides

    Trump blames McGahn after Mueller paints damning portrait with notes from White House aides

    President Trump seethed Friday over the special counsel's damning portrayal of his protracted campaign to thwart the Russia investigation and directed much of his ire at former White House counsel Donald McGahn, whose ubiquity in the report's footnotes laid bare his cooperation in chronicling the president's actions. Some of the report's most derogatory scenes were attributed not only to the recollections of McGahn and other witnesses, but also to the contemporaneous notes kept by several senior administration officials. Many White House aides use pen and paper both as a defensive mechanism — such as when then-chief of staff John Kelly documented Trump's move to grant security clearances to his daughter and son-in-law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner — and as a means of creating the first draft of a page-turning presidency.

  • There could be a turning point in Israeli-Palestinian peace effort
    The Hill

    There could be a turning point in Israeli-Palestinian peace effort

    With Israeli elections over, the Trump administration appears to be drawing closer to releasing its Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. Still a closely guarded document drafted by the president's son-in-law, Jared KushnerJared Corey KushnerKushner says Middle East peace plan won't be released before June Oversight Republicans to chairman: Investigate Obama aides The Hill's 12:30 Report: GOP wants Trump to keep them in the loop MORE, and restricted to a handful of advisers and allies, it may be issued this summer. As that prospect nears, some in the foreign policy establishment have pronounced the "deal of the century" dead on arrival, or even argued that it should not be released to the public. These

  • Big League Politics

    EVIDENCE: Trump Campaign Was Spied On Constantly, Stefan Halper's Family Worked With Nellie Ohr

    The Lisa Page testimony to Freedom Caucus investigators — who got her to sing like a canary — provides new details about the well-documented “Crossfire Hurricane” plot to trap Jared Kushner, President Trump's inexperienced son-in-law who inexplicably runs point on policy in the Trump White House. Kushner was also targeted by Veselnitskaya at the same Don Jr. meeting n Trump Tower. A well-entrenched insider in the nation's capital sends a dispatch to Big League Politics: “The Rosenstein scope memo from August 2, 2017 is now clear due to the Lisa Page Congressional Testimony.  The scope memo references Manafort and to this date a second individual that is redacted.  There has been speculation that

  • Document of the Week: Jared Kushner's Mideast Peace Email
    Foreign Policy Magazine

    Document of the Week: Jared Kushner's Mideast Peace Email

    Each week, Foreign Policy will publish a document—a White House email, a diplomatic cable, or perhaps a poignant think tank study—that will shed light on key foreign-policy trends of the day. We will place a premium on publishing confidential leaks, but we will also hunt for overlooked reports, investigations, or declassified documents drawn from the archives. This week, in anticipation of the final delivery of Jared Kushner's long-awaited Middle East peace proposal, which is expected shortly after newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forms a government, FP gives you a look at a confidential email that U.S. President Donald Trump's son-in-law sent a year and a half ago.

  • Daily Mail

    Ivanka says her daughter asked Siri how many people her grandfather had saved from prison

    Ivanka Trump has revealed her young daughter Arabella used the nanny's phone to ask Siri how many people her grandfather had saved from prison.  The president's daughter and senior adviser, on a trip to Africa to promote women's economic empowerment, said her three kids are proud of the current family business - so much so that they apparently research bills passed by the president. Mother-of-three Ivanka claims seven-year-old daughter Arabella recently asked the Siri digital assistant how many people President Trump had helped get out of prison, after the passage of a criminal justice bill that her dad Jared Kushner had helped champion. 'I think our kids are really proud and I share with them

  • Jared Kushner To Be Interviewed at the TIME 100 Summit on April 23 in New York, NY

    Jared Kushner To Be Interviewed at the TIME 100 Summit on April 23 in New York, NY

    The interview will be with TIME senior White House correspondent Brian Bennett

  • Deal Of The Century To Be Unveiled After Ramadan – Report
    Eurasia Review

    Deal Of The Century To Be Unveiled After Ramadan – Report

    The United States' much-anticipated plan for Middle East peace will be unveiled after the holy fasting month of Ramadan, revealed White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, according to a source familiar with his remarks. Kushner urged a group of ambassadors on Wednesday to keep an “open mind” about President Donald Trump's so-called “deal of the century” and said it will require compromises from both sides. The unveiling of the deal will also take place after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin forms a new government. Ramadan ends in June. “We will all have to look for reasonable compromises that will make peace achievable,” Kushner said, according to the source, who asked to remain anonymous. Kushner,

  • When Trump won, Putin deployed his oligarchs

    When Trump won, Putin deployed his oligarchs

    After an election marred by Moscow's attempts to buoy Donald Trump's candidacy, the Russian president wanted to cash in. In December 2016, a few weeks after Donald Trump's surprise election victory, Russian president Vladimir Putin convened what a Russian oligarch described as an “all-hands” meeting with some of his country's top businessmen. A main topic of discussion: U.S. sanctions against Russia. One of the oligarchs present was Petr Aven, co-founder of Alfa Bank, Russia's biggest commercial bank. Aven had recently met with with Putin one on one to discuss the sanctions and what to do about them. Putin said he had been struggling to get messages to Trump's inner circle, and urged Aven to

  • Mueller Report: New Details on Kushner, Ivanka and Don Jr.
    NBC New York

    Mueller Report: New Details on Kushner, Ivanka and Don Jr.

    The 448 pages of special counsel Robert Mueller's report released Thursday contain a trove of new details about the Trump campaign's interactions with Russians, Wikileaks, possible obstruction and the emotional highs and lows of now-President Donald Trump as the federal investigation continued behind closed doors. Notably, as NBC News reported, the report contains revelations about a 2016 meeting where Trump's son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner and now-former national security advisor Michael Flynn spoke with a Russian envoy. The report also expands on what the public had already learned about eldest son Donald Trump Jr.'s emails setting up a 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians who were

  • Donald Trump Jr. Saved by His Own Doofusness

    Donald Trump Jr. Saved by His Own Doofusness

    The Mueller report shows that Junior might not have been smart enough to conspire.