The Super Bowl’s Best Ads Celebrate Family


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Sure, the game was a heart-stopper and Katy Perry killed it, but the real highlight of Sunday’s Super Bowl was, as usual, the ads. Especially now that game-day commercials have shifted focus from sexy and provocative to heart-warming and family-friendly.

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If you were gathered around the television with your kids, you may have felt a lump in your throat (or three) as, this year, the commercials pulled some heartstrings. From super-dad moments to inspiring young girls, here are the commercials we’ll be watching on repeat.

Always, “Like A Girl”

This 60-second ad — a shorter version of last summer’s viral hit — raises the question, “when did doing something ‘like a girl’ become an insult?” It was the first-ever ad for feminine- hygiene products to air during the Super Bowl.

Dove Men + Care,“Real Strength”

Dove’s adorable 30-second spot captures children calling for their dads in a range of scenarios – from a hungry toddler asking for food to a son telling his father he’s about to be a grandfather.

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Toyota, “My Bold Dad”

This tear-jerker is the latest in Toyota’s father-focused “One Bold Dad Leads To Another,” campaign. The first of the videos,which was released online January 16, featured current and former football stars FredJackson, DeMarcus Ware, Kurt Warner, and Lavar Arrington, talking about what fatherhood means to them.

McDonalds, “Pay With Lovin’”

"Your total is one big family hug" a McDonald’s cashier tells a customer in the Golden Arches commercial for their new "Pay with Lovin’" campaign. Other acceptable forms of payment: calling mom to say "I love you," declaring what you love about a son, or simply raising the roof. 

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Nissan, “With Dad”

Set to Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s In The Cradle,” this 90-second spot featured a race car-driving new dad dealing with a familiar struggle: balancing career and family.

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