The Story Behind the Hilarious Wearable Breastfeeding Tent


This parody, the “Wearable Breastfeeding Tent,” is a hilarious “bad product idea.” Photo by

With all the controversy that continues to pop up around public breastfeeding —mothers getting harassed on flights, kicked out of public spaces, and more — you’d think some people wish moms would just hide in a tent.

Well those people are in luck! Andy Herald, a designer at the website How To Be A Dad, has created just the thing. In a hilarious post entitled “Bad Product Idea #18: Colemom Breastfeeding Tent,” Herald is pitching a “1.5 person” wearable tent, which looks like a mini camping tent with a picture of a woman with her arms crossed — certainly not breastfeeding, God forbid.

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The parody product — which doesn’t actually exist — is imagined as a 3.5-ft x 3-ft tent that comes in five skin shades and is “leak resist-ish.” It’s made by “Colemom,” a play on the camping and outdoor manufacturer Coleman.

“I thought to myself ‘what kind of covering would be the dumbest thing that someone would manufacture as a breastfeeding cover,’” Herald, a father of three, tells Yahoo Parenting.

It’s hilarious — now let’s just hope it never becomes a reality.

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Herald, who posted the tent on Tuesday, says his wife breastfed their kids and was lucky enough to never feel publicly shamed or judged. “But that’s because she was so afraid of being shamed or judged that she did things like breastfeeding in the bathroom,” he says. “And she’s a germaphobe so breastfeeding on the toilet might be a bigger deal for her than the average person.”

In his post about why this product is a bad idea, Herald makes great points about how ridiculous it is that people expect women to breastfeed in bathrooms or in their cars. “There’s an old expression, in many languages, ‘don’t shhh…uh, don’t go poopsies where you eat.’ Wise words!” he writes. “But, the reverse is too remember-to-breathe obvious that it didn’t get a colorfully-worded saying. Think about it, though. How would you like to eat food where you sh…on the toilet? Or in a hot car, fitting room, back alley or abandoned cargo container!”

And that’s no joke.

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