The Best Parenting Advice In 5 Words


Christine Coppa and her son. (Photo: Christine Coppa)

‘Play with your kids today’ is my favorite parenting advice. Not only is it fun to hop on a swing, have a dance party, or read together, these are simple ideas that anyone can try. Here, from an informal Facebook poll, parents share their short and sweet parenting advice in just five words.

“Don’t be afraid to apologize.” —Chris Adrian.


(Photo: Chris Adrian)

“Parenting books make great coasters!” —Nicky Stanard


(Photo: Nicky Stanard)

“Always say I love you.” —Melissa Skabich. 


(Photo Melissa Skabich)

“You can’t do it all.” —Liz Gumbinner


(Photo: Liz Gumbinner)

“Remember to breathe and smile.” —Melissa Scrittorale.


(Photo: Melissa Scittorale)

“Always go with your gut.” —Sarah C.


(Photo: Sarah C.)

“Never leave home without wipes.” —Deanna G.

“Never go to bed angry.” —Patrica D.

“Beware the playground ‘Mommy Mafia.'” —Lorraine C.

“Don’t be your kids’ friend.” —Ed N.

“Be present and have fun!” —Scott Rose.

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