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Subway employee sparks controversy with response to customer’s ‘disrespectful’ alleged sandwich order: ‘Do your job’

A Subway employee is sparking a massive online debate after sharing a customer’s alleged $460 sandwich order.

The claim comes courtesy of a now-viral video posted on TikTok. The clip, shared by user @gojij24, has thousands of commenters arguing over who is in the wrong when a fast-food chain turns down an elaborate order request.

It’s a debate that comes after a series of similar viral Subway orders. In the past, TikTokers have shared alleged customer requests ranging from adding sauce until a sandwich is “oozing” to toasting a sub until it’s burnt to a crisp.

According to @gojij24, this particular order was so difficult that their store had to cancel it. The TikToker claimed in their clip that a customer placed the order at 2:30 a.m. in the morning. The price totaled $462, and the receipt was allegedly longer than the register counter.

“Got this order at 2:30 in the morning. what would YOU do,” @gojij24 captioned their video.

The video seems to imply that the alleged order took place at a Subway in Tempe, Ariz. According to the video, it featured 50 different sandwiches.

In the background of the clip, a woman can be heard saying that they’ll have to cancel the order. That decision sparked a massive debate in the video’s comments section.

Some TikTok users believed it was the employees’ responsibility to make the 50 sandwiches, no matter what time it was.

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“If y’all are open for business, there’s no reason not to make the order,” one user wrote.

“Do your job,” another added.

However, others defended the Subway employees, saying they shouldn’t be expected to make a $460 order on such short notice.

“That’s catering and needs a 24-hour notice,” one user argued.

“This order is so disrespectful, I’m glad y’all canceled it,” another wrote.

“‘Just do your job,’ says the clowns who have probably never worked at a fast food chain,” another added.

Subway employees have made all kinds of headlines in recent months. In late 2020, one sandwich maker went viral after showing how the chain allegedly makes its tuna. Meanwhile, a group of franchise owners raised eyebrows online after claiming the chain’s new sandwich was “too dangerous” to make.

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