Stephen Colbert takes jab at Donald Trump over ego-boosting tactic at hush money trial

Stephen Colbert has taken a swipe at Donald Trump over his aide carrying around a portable printer to quickly provide him with hard copies of flattering news articles about himself outside his hush money trial.

Throughout his trial – with the former president denying all charges – Mr Trump has spoken to reporters outside the courthouse, often been armed with a stack of print-outs in hand to aid his remarks.

On Thursday’s Late Show, Colbert asks his audience if they know about “those weird pieces of paper that Donald Trump always carries around and reads flattering quotes about him from?”

“Those come from Harp,” he explains, referencing Natalie Harp, one of Mr Trump’s aides for his presidential campaign.

Ms Harp has been given the moniker the ‘human printer’ after various reports have claimed that she will follow Mr Trump to trial, equipped with a portable printer so she can quickly deliver ‘mood-boosting’ handouts to her boss, often consisting of news articles and social media posts by people who are commending him, theNew York Times writes.

Natalie Harp, Donald Trump’s aide reportedly delivers hard copies to her boos (Getty)
Natalie Harp, Donald Trump’s aide reportedly delivers hard copies to her boos (Getty)

“Well, I think it’s pathetic that it’s somebody’s entire job to provide the big man with ego-boosting compliments,” Colbert asserted.

“Thankfully, I am the kind of secure, confident boss who does not need that – At least that’s what they are saying in all my print-outs,” he jokingly added, before his own ‘aide’ arrived on stage to adorn the host with his “happy page.”

“Ah, yes, another great piece of news about me,” Colbert joked, reading the paper, “Stephen Colbert is pre-approved for the Amtrak guest rewards preferred Mastercard.”

Colbert also touched on the newly announced debates between Mr Trump and President Joe Biden. Mr Trump claimed in a recent radio show interview that Biden’s team had requested the two men sit at tables during the debate, but he complained, saying he wanted to stand up during the discussion.

“I can see why he would want to stand because you sit him at a table, and two minutes later, he’s out cold,” Colbert quipped, making reference to Mr Trump’s supposed doze-off at the defence table in the early days of his hush money trial.

Also, ahead of the election, Nikki Haley suspended her bid to be the Republican candidate for president in March after she was outshone by Mr Trump in most caucuses and primaries, and continued not to endorse him, unlike other earlier race drop-outs.

However, Ms Haley has now changed her tune, revealing on Wednesday that Mr Trump would be getting her vote.

“She folded like a paper plate on chilli night,” Colbert joked.

The Independent has contacted a representative for Mr Trump for comment.