‘Dark’ Disney Princess Series Is Scarily Excellent Halloween Costume Inspiration

Kelly Phillips Badal

Beware, fairy tale fans — you’ll never look at the heroines of classic Disney movies the same way after seeing how artist Jeffrey Thomas envisions them.

The cartoonist and character designer has thrust maidens like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Jasmine, and tons of others into a much darker, creepier world. As in, if the zombies from The Walking Dead bit every single Disney princess, this is what might happen. Don’t show these ladies to the kids, because they practically guarantee nightmares.

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The drawings are unsettling and spooky, but we can’t look away. Nor can we ignore the little voice in our head that immediately says, “Ooh, what a great Halloween costume idea!”

So what’s it gonna be? Deranged Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Zombie-fied Ariel from The Little Mermaid? Killer Pocahontas?

It’s a far cry from the usual “sexy” costume renditions of Disney characters that get trotted out every year, and that’s a relief … kinda. Because done right, a costume modeled after one of these babes is gonna scare your friends silly.

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