See how Centre County high schools ranked in the 2024 U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report released its 2024 high school ranking list on Tuesday, with some Centre County schools rising significantly in the rankings.

The report ranks nearly 18,000 public schools around the country based on state assessment scores, graduation rates, college readiness, curriculum and underserved student performance.

“The 2024 Best High Schools rankings offer a starting point for parents to understand a school’s academic performance, whether it’s a prospective school or one that their child is already attending,” LaMont Jones, education editor at U.S. News wrote in a press release. “Accessible data on our high schools can empower families across the country as they navigate today’s educational environment and plan for the future.”

Alongside national rankings, U.S. News published rankings by state, district and metro area. Magnet, charter and STEM schools were also ranked in separate lists.

According to the report, the nation’s best high school is BASIS Peoria, a charter in Peoria, Arizona. This year had five new schools in the top ten nationwide, including the top high school in Pennsylvania.

For the third year in a row, Julia R. Masterman Secondary School in Philadelphia ranked as Pennsylvania’s best school, ranking as the fourth best high school in the nation.

Below is a look at where Centre County’s public schools are in the rankings.

Bald Eagle Area Junior/Senior High School

National: 5,440 (last year: 6,584)

State: 227 (last year: 275)

Bellefonte Area High School

National: 1,974 (last year: 7,944)

State: 73 (last year: 326)

Penns Valley Area Junior/Senior High School

National: 3,021 (last year: 2,904)

State: 115 (last year: 115)

Philipsburg-Osceola Area High School

National: 12,323 (last year: 11,000)

State: 466 (last year: 427)

State College Area School District

National: 1,271 (last year: 1,243)

State rank: 41 (last year: 43)