San Marcos police chief provides statement on deadly shooting involving officer

SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — The San Marcos Police Department police chief provided a statement on Monday in connection with a deadly shooting involving an officer from April 11.

The incident resulted in the death of a 22-year-old man.

Around 9:32 p.m., two men told police they were being followed by a man when they were walking in the area of East Hopkins and Cheatham Street in San Marcos. The men said “the man followed them from a convenience store on Cheatham Street.”

Police identify man shot by officer in San Marcos

The man, later identified as Malachi Williams, 22, was walking as close as 3 to 4 feet from them, which caused “immediate alarm” to them, SMPD Chief Stan Standridge said in his statement.

The men told police they walked past their home as they were being followed by Williams, because they didn’t want him to know where they lived, Standridge said.

Then, one of the men called a family member who was inside the home. When the family member came outside, Williams was only one house away. That is when Williams “pulled out two knives and threatened them both.” Both men ran and made it inside their home and called 911, Standridge said.

The shooting

Police said officers found Williams at the same convenience store on Cheatham Street. An employee at the store told an SMPD officer he was in the restroom. When the officer told Williams to come out, he told him to put his hands behind his head, Standridge said. The officer eventually backed out of the store to give space between him and Williams, according to police.

Once Williams was outside of the store, he ran away from the officer. The officer then tried to use a stun gun on Williams but was unsuccessful, according to police. Then, there was a second attempt to stun gun Williams, in which the officer was also unsuccessful. Video evidence showed Williams had at least one knife visible in his hand, Standridge said.

Williams then ran across the street to an “occupied business” where at least 10 or more people were outside. That is when the pursuing officer shot Williams, Standridge said.

The knives recovered at the scene were described as “8-inch kitchen knives,” according to police.

Officers provided first aid to Williams, and he was then taken to Seton Hays Hospital in Kyle where he was pronounced dead, the release said.

The officer’s name will not be released until grand jury proceedings are complete. Additionally, he will return to work next week, Standridge said. He was also referred to a staff psychologist for consultation.

“I conclude with sincere condolences to the Malachi Williams family,” he said. “This is not an outcome that anyone wants, including us.”

The case will head to the Hays County District Attorney’s office for review, Standridge said. Body cam footage will “be provided in a timely manner,” he said.

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