Russia's Defence Minister claims occupiers have "activity plan until 2025"

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Serhii Shoigu, Minister of Defence of Russia, talked about some "activity plan until 2025" in a video published on 26 September.

Source: Russian propagandist agency RIA Novosti

Details: Shoigu stated that the Russian army allegedly "continues increasing its combat capacity" mainly thanks to "supplies of advanced armament and improvement of military training given the experience of special military operation (the Russian term for the war in Ukraine – ed.)."

"Consistent implementation of measures within the framework of the action plan until 2025 will allow us to achieve the intended goals," Shoigu stated without specifying what exactly these "intended goals" concerned.


  • On 25 September, the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that as a result of the strike on the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the occupied city of Sevastopol 34 officers were killed, including a Russian Black Sea Fleet Commander

  • On 26 September Russia’s Defence Ministry posted an image of Viktor Sokolov, the Black Sea Fleet commander, at a meeting. It is unknown when and where the video was shot. Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, told reporters that he did not have information "about the alleged death of Black Sea Fleet Commander Sokolov".

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