Russian missile attack demolishes humanitarian aid warehouse in Ternopil

A warehouse with humanitarian aid burned down in Ternopil
A warehouse with humanitarian aid burned down in Ternopil

"In the aftermath of the missile strike on Ternopil on May 13, our warehouse with humanitarian aid, which also served as a hub for inter-church coordination in our region, was completely demolished," he said.

Two warehouse drivers, who spent the night nearby, were miraculously unhurt. The organisation will continue to work, he added.

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Russia launched two cruise missile attacks on Ternopil on the same night the 67th Eurovision Song Contest grand finals were being held on Ukraine’s behalf in Liverpool, UK.

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Electronic pop duo Tvorchi, who are from Ternopil, represented Ukraine at the contest. The Russian attacks came just as they were about to perform.

A missile hit storage facilities in Ternopil's industrial zone during the first attack.

Two cottage houses were destroyed and another 12 damaged as a result of the second attack. Debris affected commercial and business facilities, as well as nine trucks.

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