Rudy Giuliani Back On Newsmax Doing The Same Old Thing After $148 Million Verdict

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Rudy Giuliani is still repeating the same falsehoods that left him with a $148 million debt.

The former attorney for Donald Trump doubled down on his election fraud nonsense on Newsmax Monday, days after two Georgia election workers, Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, won a $148 million defamation verdict against him.

Giuliani insisted to reporters at the start of the trial that the things he said about the women were true ― even though he had previously conceded they were false. He pledged to prove it on the stand, then declined to testify when the time came.

The mother and daughter filed another lawsuit against Giuliani on Monday, seeking to permanently bar him from continuing to spread the same lies about them.

Hours later, the former New York City mayor was back at it in an interview with Newsmax host Rob Schmitt.

“Your initial allegations ― do you still believe them to be true?” Schmitt asked.

“Yeah. Well, of course they’ll sue me again for it when I say that, but yeah, I do,” Giuliani said. “But they want me to lie. They basically, they are suing me in order to lie to them.”

“If I showed you the evidence right now, and I think you’ve played it on your air, people would see that what I said was absolutely true,” he added.

Giuliani also called the trial unfair and corrupt, claiming it was part of “a fascist system, run by the Biden regime.”

After the 2020 election, Giuliani spread conspiracy theories that Freeman and Moss had engaged in election fraud during the vote counting process. The claims spread like wildfire among Trump’s allies and supporters.

The women testified in the case that Giuliani’s comments led to death threats and abuse against them, prompting Freeman to sell her Atlanta home and move to a new property under a new name in an attempt to escape.

Giuliani was found liable for defamation in a default judgment over the summer.

Last week’s trial determined the financial penalty, which broke down to $33 million for defamation, $40 million for emotional distress and $75 million in punitive damages.