Republican Lauren Boebert's CRINGE campaign ad backfired & now the internet is ROASTING her

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is being criticized by social media for her terrible campaign ad
Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is being criticized by social media for her terrible campaign ad

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert just released a new campaign ad where she used her son to try and garner sympathy, but the internet is NOT having it.

The ad features cringe-worthy acting from Boebert, who says she can't go "shoot some hoops" with her son because she's working on her new campaign video. This then prompts her son Roman to list off all of her supposed accomplishments, starting with, "Why don't you just tell them about how you always carry your gun and fight for freedom." Barf.

The kid also says his mom "voted to cut spending and increase American energy production" and passed bills to create jobs and touted her efforts to "secure the border," Queerty reports.

The internet's response did not disappoint, with people immediately taking to X to ruthlessly roast the MAGA-obsessed politician!

Many of the 3,000 comments went for the jugular and pointed out that the video didn't include Boebert's oldest son, who got his girlfriend pregnant out of wedlock when they were teenagers, despite her near-constant conservative Christian messaging and who was arrested last month and charged with a "recent string of vehicle trespasses and property thefts."

"That one isn't a criminal yet. Amazing," one person wrote, with another person commenting, "Bahahaha. Is this so that we can forget your other son?"

And because we're petty and she's terrible, we'd just like to point out that her son Tyler Boebert isn't even the first member of the family to land himself in jail. Boebert was arrested four times before she ran for office, and her ex-husband was also arrested after the two got into an altercation at a restaurant.

Other people took aim at the Colorado congresswoman's obvious lies and exaggerations about her accomplishments while in office, including slamming her for not doing anything concrete to "secure the border." Commenters also reminded Boebert that although she took credit for scoring funding for her district, she actually voted against the Infrastructure Bill that provided the money.

"You're responsible for NOT securing the border," someone wrote. "Got your kid lying for you. Not one thing was true."

But the most hilarious comments were from people pointing out how she was caught vaping and allegedly groping her date in the middle of a family-friendly Beetlejuice musical performance, including one person who posted screen grabs from the security footage that showed the fondling in questions with the caption "The only thing you successfully completed." We're dead.

This pathetic attempt to curry favor with voters is part of Boebert's effort to win reelection. She needs all the help she can get because her chances of winning the congressional race are so low that she had to switch to a less competitive district in Colorado in order to stand any chance of eking out a victory.

If Boebert's efforts to win the election are this poorly planned and met with people pummeling her on her political and personal shortcomings — of which there are many — then we might see an end to her career on Capitol Hill before the end of the year!

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