Provision of ATACMS to Ukraine is still under consideration – Biden

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US President Joe Biden has said that the issue of providing long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine is still under consideration.

Source: Biden while speaking to the media on Monday, 29 May, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Biden commented on the escalation of Russian air attacks on Kyiv, saying that "it's not unexpected".

Quote:"That’s why we got to continue to give Ukraine all they need," the US president said.

Biden replied to a clarifying question about the possible sending of long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine that the topic is "still in play", implying that the issue continues to be considered.

Background: Earlier, the media reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden explains its reluctance to transfer longer-range ATACMS missiles to the Ukrainian side, claiming that if they do, there may be too few of them left in the reserves of the US Army.

At the same time, the United Kingdom, as it is known, provided Ukraine with its own long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

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