Police recover stolen Bacon painting worth $5.4 mln

STORY: :: Spanish police recover a stolen Francis Bacon painting worth an estimated $5.4 million

:: May 23, 2024

:: Madrid, Spain

::The 1989 'Study for Portrait of Jose Capelo' is one of five paintings stolen from a Madrid home in 2015

The "Study for Portrait of Jose Capelo" is the fourth painting to be recovered of the group, estimated to be worth a combined 25 million euros.

In February, police arrested two people accused of the receipt of stolen artworks in the Spanish capital, leading them to ultimately discover the painting at a property in Madrid.

Since the investigation began, sixteen people believed to have masterminded and carried out the robbery have been arrested, police said in a statement. Three of the paintings were recovered in 2017.

Police said they continue to investigate Spanish citizens with links to organized groups from Eastern Europe in the hope it will lead them to the fifth painting.