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What Did You Say?

Photo by: Photo credit: jonner | Flickr
What Did You Say?
Things have been touchy for these two for a long while -- they're more like frenemies than friends and now it's come down to a physical fight.
Photo credit: jonner | Flickr
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7 Cats Who Just Can't Seem to Get Along


Last year, we adopted two cats at different times and our life has been interesting ever since. I had hopes that Ariel and Gmork would get along. I envisioned lots of cute cuddles and imagined that they would be fun playmates. I was wrong - at least for now. Ariel is a quiet cat, she's about 3 years old and Gmork, still a kitten, loves to get into everything and run around like a wild man. Ariel wants none of it. They seem to fight a lot. I don't think that they'll actually harm each other. It seems more playful, but either way they just can't seem to get along right now. I'm hoping that will change over time as Gmork calms down from the kitten crazy and becomes more of a subdued housecat. Here are some more cats that can't seem to move past their differences and they're currently at the end of their rope. Click through for 7 cats who just can't seem to get along! -By Devan McGuinness

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