Mockumentary Imagines World Where Donald Trump Has an Illegitimate Muslim Daughter

What if Donald Trump had an illegitimate Muslim child?

That's the question asked by Muslim-American performer Fawzia Mirza, who released a mockumentary last week in which the Chicago-based artist tells her fellow Americans she is the daughter of the real-estate billionaire and an airline stewardess.

Mirza told Jezebel she launched the video project because she was disgusted with Trump's bigoted rhetoric and "comedians didn't like satirizing him or mocking him or putting them in their monologues or putting 'Trump' in a punch line, because Donald Trump was embracing the mockery. He loved it. He still loves it. No matter who speaks out against him."

In the eventual short posted to Vimeo, Mirza, adopting her father's beloved "resting Trump face," tackled stereotypes head on.

"How many terrorists are in your family?" a fake reporter asks, as Mirza's character counts on her fingers. "There are no terrorists in my Pakistani family, but there are at least three terrorists on my Trump side," she says, nodding enthusiastically.

"I'm doing this now because my father has said some very effed-up things about Americans recently, about Muslims, about Mexicans, about maidens," Mirza says. "I couldn't stand by any longer and let him get away with his bigoted conversation with himself. I had to say something and tell the truth."

Mockumentary Imagines World Where Donald Trump Has an Illegitimate Muslim Daughter
Source: Mic/Vimeo

Trump and her fictional mother "stayed friends ... with benefits," Mirza said in a press conference. "Not health benefits, sexual benefits, because obviously my father doesn't really care about people having health care."

"My name is Ayesha Ali Trump, and I am 50% Donald, and 1,000% American," she concludes, before rolling into an off-key performance of the national anthem (which is still more tolerable, for the record, than the "Trump Kids" who have performed at his rallies).

Trump has previously noted his own marital "indiscretions" are fair game for his political opponents, though none of the five confirmed real-life Trump children oppose his campaign for the presidency.

Watch the video below: