Mertzon Native Embarks on Navy Journey Aboard USS Gerald R. Ford

SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Airman Victor Surposa, hailing from Mertzon, Texas, finds himself serving aboard the USS Gerlad R. Ford, stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. A recent graduate of Irion County High School in 2022, Surposa brings with him the skills and values instilled by his upbringing, mirroring those crucial for success in the Navy.

The recent completion of an eight-month deployment marked a significant milestone for the crew, as it represented the inaugural deployment for the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier. Amidst global tensions, the Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group, including Surposa, extended its mission by ’76 days to support Israel’s right to self-defense during a period of conflict in the region. Operating in the Mediterranean Sea, the strike group engaged in the multinational exercises and vigilance activities, bolstering NATO capabilities and deterring aggression.

Reflecting on his journey, Surposa credits his upbringing and familial support for shaping his path. “Growing up I learned the importance of staying true to myself and pursuing my life goals,” Surposa reflects. “My Tia Beatriz helped me realize the importance of branching out and seizing opportunities.” With gratitude towards his family, Surposa acknowledges the pivotal role played by his Tio Elias and Cousin Jesus in his upbringing and development.

As Surposa serves in the Navy, he finds fulfillment in pursing his dreams and contributing to the nation’s security and prosperity. ” Serving in the Navy allows me to follow my dreams,” Surposa affirms. “Every day, I wake up knowing that I’m taking steps towards my life goals.” With a commitment to excellence and a deep sense of purpose, Surposa embodies the dedication of sailors who operate tirelessly around the world, ensuring the nation’s security and promoting global stability.

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