Mayor of Romania's Galați on air-raid warnings: As if war came to Romania

Ionut Pucheanu, Mayor of Galați, a Romanian city near the Ukrainian border, thinks that air-raid warnings that were issued in Galați during Russian attacks on Ukraine’s Danube ports are an excessive measure.

Source: European Pravda, with reference to Digi24

Details: Pucheanu said that he was waiting on the assessment of Romanian experts regarding whether the latest air-raid warning was justified, adding that he believes the alerts that local residents are now regularly receiving are excessive.

He said that he personally did not understand the need to issue air-raid warnings, which frighten people at night, because they make people feel as though "war came to the country". He also thinks that this makes it impossible to escalate the scale of warnings if the threat level grows more serious.

"With all due respect to the army, I think that we need to de-escalate the show we’re currently witnessing for the sake of the residents’ mental health, particularly in this area. If something more serious transpires, then they should tell us to prepare," Pucheanu said.

He also remarked that if missiles and drones were indeed crossing into Romania’s airspace, it is the army’s responsibility to prevent this from happening.


  • Romania is investigating possible violations of its airspace near the city of Galați during Russia's drone attack on Ukraine's Danube ports on the night of 29-30 September. No remains of Russian drones have been found so far.

  • On 14 September, the Ministry of National Defence of Romania jointly with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, announced additional flight restrictions in the airspace adjacent to the border with Ukraine after Russian drone wreckage fell in Romania.

  • On 13 September, residents of settlements in the Tulcea district of Romania were urged to take cover in shelters during a Russian drone attack in Ukraine's south.

  • On 28 September, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova reported the discovery of missile debris in a lake near the city of Anenii Noi in Moldova's southeast.

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