Map: Where university protesters have been arrested across the United States

Map: Where university protesters have been arrested across the United States

As pro-Palestinian protests have erupted on college campuses nationwide, protesters — including students and faculty — continue to be arrested since the first demonstrators were detained at Columbia University three weeks ago. Nearly 200 protesters were arrested on May 7, the highest number of arrests in a day this week, according to a CNN review of university and law enforcement statements. April 30 saw the most arrests since protests began, with nearly 400 arrests.

More than 2,600 people have been arrested on college and university campuses since April 18 as schools prepare for spring commencement ceremonies, according to CNN’s review. The University of Southern California, where nearly 100 protesters were arrested April 24, canceled its primary commencement event. Protesters have been arrested on more than 50 campuses across at least 25 states and the District of Columbia. Many other schools have experienced protests without arrests.

Protest demands vary from campus to campus, but a major focus is that universities divest from companies with financial ties to Israel amid its war with Hamas. There have also been counter-protests, resulting in clashes at UCLA.

CNN is monitoring campus protests and will continue to update this map with any new arrests.

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