Man & Dog Disappear, Body Recovered From Colorado River

A Welsh Corgi Pembroke dog sitting on the ground with large rocks in the background.
(Photo Credit: Piotr Wójcik | Getty Images)

On May 10, the National Park Service (NPS) discovered the body of a man who had disappeared with his dog weeks ago. The New Mexico resident was believed to be traveling down a river on a homemade raft with his pup. His body was recovered from the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park.

Body recovered from Colorado River weeks after man and dog disappear

On Friday, park rangers discovered a body from the Colorado River, promptly notifying the National Park Service of the same. While further investigation needs to be conducted, authorities and initial information indicate the body is of 58-year-old Thomas L. Robison, according to Fox News.

Reportedly, Robison was attempting to travel down the Colorado River on a wooden craft with his beloved Welsh Corgi. On April 21, the New Mexico man was first reported missing. His car was abandoned in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and his whereabouts were reported unknown. As per CBS News, the location where he left his vehicle is used by many as the launching point for whitewater rafting. These trips follow the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Officials had previously shared a photo of a raft that was likely to have been used by Thomas L. Robison. However, the homemade raft was just some planks assembled together. The picture also included a paddle and life vest. The NPS is currently investigating the case, with Robison’s body being further examined by Coconino County Medical Examiner. Moreover, the cause of his death is currently unknown.

Whitewater rafting is common in the Colorado River, which varies in depth and width as it courses through the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, there is no further news of Robison’s beloved Corgi. The dog disappeared with the 58-year-old man and was supposed to be his companion through this trip.

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