Macron: 'return to peace' priority in New Caledonia

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STORY: :: France's Emmanuel Macron lands in New Caledonia

and urges a "return to peace" after riots

:: May 23, 2024

:: La Tontouta, New Caledonia

:: Emmanuel Macron, French President

"My wish, along with the ministers and the entire government is to stand with the people, so that we can return to peace, to calm and safety as quickly as possible. This is the top priority. I would like to thank the High Commissioner, the security forces, the elected representatives. Along with the return to calm and safety is obviously the return to normality, to supplies and food."

During his visit to New Caledonia, Macron's agenda includes meeting local elected officials as well as business leaders.

Six people have been killed in the riots, that have left a trail of looted shops and torched cars and businesses.

The French government has sent hundreds of additional police to help bring things back under control.