Look Back ... to oil at Angel's Station, 1949

May 1—May 1, 1949, in The Star: Regardless of how many peace treaties are made, no matter how many Maginot Lines we have, there can be no hope for lasting peace and international understanding unless the "common people" of the various countries understand each other, said Drew Pearson at a banquet Friday night in Jacksonville. The famous newspaper columnist and radio commentator was the principal speaker at the banquet, held in connection with the dedication of JSTC's new International House from earlier that day. Also this date: Representatives of the Carter Oil Co. of Jackson, Miss., surveyed the land of Mrs. L. W. Hyfield about a mile from Angel's Station last week, and although they made no definite statement, they reported that the substance could be oil and "probably would break out again" at any spot on the 40-acre farm. The bubbling substance which Mrs. Hyfield discovered on her farm six days ago had disappeared when the geologist from the oil company arrived, but she was told that frequently oil disappears from the surface only to start flowing again at some other spot. Her land has been surveyed for oil leakage previously.

May 1, 1999, in The Star: State legislators Mike Rogers and Del Marsh told Calhoun County commissioners yesterday that the legislative delegation does not plan to ignore the county's financial problems. "They have a dilemma and something needs to happen, said Rogers, the Republican House leader from Saks. What will happen to a one-cent sales tax proposal backed by state Rep. Barbara Boyd is unclear. Whatever tax or revenue raising measures the lawmakers eventually agree to, it will not be proposed in the current session, Rogers said.

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