Letters to the Editor: Donald Trump in a nutshell

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Donald Trump is a con man. He’s a fake and a phony.

By dying his hair, self-tanning, and wearing shoe lifts, he fooled you into thinking he’s younger than his almost-78 years.

By claiming to be a patriot, he duped you into forgetting he wants to be a dictator.

By claiming to love the Constitution, he tricked you into forgetting he tried to overturn a legitimate election.

By conning you into believing he’s a millionaire, he keeps you sending money for his criminal defense bills because he’s broke.

Your beloved Trump wouldn’t give you the time of day or ever let you near Mar-a-Lago. He sees you as a rube who is gullible enough to keep the money flowing to him.

He’s not strong, he’s a bully. And bullies are never strong. They are insecure and weak.

And that’s Trump in a nutshell.

Barbara Baldridge, Belleville

Jealousy and carelessness

In a recent copy of the Epoch Times, it told of the Democrats pushing to impose code of conduct on the U.S. Supreme Court, that is being driven by their desire to exert power over the Supreme Court that has not been ruling their way on key issues.

They are incensed over axed affirmative action in college admissions, bolstered gun rights and public prayer. Experts also told Epoch Times that the left “Democrats” cannot accept the conservative majority on the Supreme Court, so it will keep agitating against it and try to undermine its legitimacy in the eyes of the public.

This is just a form of trying to harass and intimidate the court.

Instead of this pettiness, they should be worrying, working and doing their best to keep us alert to what is going on around the world and the botched disclosure of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s health status.

He was in the hospital for days, and President Joe Biden did not know it.

The Democrats need a code of conduct more than anyone. We have millions of illegals all over the country because of this inept Biden administration. Shame on them.

We are all footing the bill for this. How disappointing for the U.S. citizens.

Betty Homyer, Granite City

The clear choice

You don’t know if you will vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump?

The choice is clear! Biden is a man of integrity and knowledge.He has accomplished much amid constant opposition from Republicans. He got bi-partisan support to pass an infrastructure bill.

He got bi-partisan support in the Senate on a bill to aid the war effort in the Middle East and Ukraine and to stop the refugee problem on our southern border.

However, Speaker Mike Johnson said the bill would be dead on arrival in the House. This was after a phone call from Trump, ordering him to reject the bill so the refugee problem could remain an election issue.

This was an obvious “cave” by Johnson.

Trump is a chronic liar and disrespects women. Local, state and federal laws mean nothing. The U.S. Constitution is a minor inconvenience. What is “jarring” is that the “maga” crowd follows him like rats followed the “pied piper.” They call him a “savior” sent from “God.”

When asked about Trump’s character, they bring up Biblical King David. They say God uses the “imperfect.”

David was a warrior king. Trump is a thug, cheat, liar and coward.

Biden is imperfect. Duh! Me too. But Trump is a dangerous threat to democracy. The astounding idea that the “MAGA” crowd sees him as a “savior” is incomprehensible.

The idea that some cannot decide for whom to vote may mean they agree with the ignorant, racist, MAGA beliefs. This is scary trouble for our democracy.

Larry Brown, Glen Carbon