Law enforcement identifies Maxwell Azzarello as the man who set himself on fire outside Trump New York trial courthouse.

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Law enforcement on Friday afternoon identified the man who set himself on fire outside the Donald Trump trial courthouse, and said he came to New York earlier in the week.

The man, Maxwell Azzarello, entered an open park outside the courthouse, and threw pamphlets throughout the park before he set himself on fire. The NYPD said first responders transported Azzarello to a local hospital, and he was badly burned.

“He's a male. He's born in 1987. His driver's license indicates that he's from St. Augustine, Florida,” an official said at a news conference with law enforcement a few hours after the incident.

“What we know from speaking to other witnesses and family members is that he arrived in New York sometime earlier in the week. We have his car being in St. Augustine, Florida, on the 13th. So, anywhere between the 13th and today, he arrived.

“We spoke to family members today — they were unaware that he was even in New York.”

The official also said Azzarello appeared to use “some kind of alcohol-based substance that's used for cleaning” to light himself ablaze.

Law enforcement is investigating Azzarello’s motives, but he had posted a manifesto describing himself as an “investigative researcher.” Officials, who called him a conspiracy theorist, said he appeared to act alone.

The incident happened just minutes after a full jury was selected in Trump’s hush money criminal trial, but there does not appear to be a connection. Before Azzarello set himself on fire, according to law enforcement, he tossed “propaganda” about “Ponzi schemes” claiming “local educational institutes are a front for the mob.”

Meanwhile, inside the courtroom, Judge Juan Merchan scheduled opening arguments in the trial to begin Monday morning.