King Charles Declines Offer to Wear Burger King Crown

Apparently, paper crowns aren't fit for an actual king.

<p>Jane Barlow-WPA Pool / Getty Images; Papin Lab / Shutterstock</p>

Jane Barlow-WPA Pool / Getty Images; Papin Lab / Shutterstock

Last December,  the gem-studded gold-framed St. Edward's Crown was quietly removed from its display at the Tower of London and transported to an undisclosed location so it could be re-sized in time for King Charles’ coronation in May. In a statement, Buckingham Palace confirmed that the five-pound, 362-year-old crown was undergoing “modification work” in advance of the ceremony.

Although King Charles still has to wait another month-plus before he can wear his official headgear, he has been offered a temporary replacement. His Majesty and Camilla, the Queen Consort, took their first state visit to Germany earlier this week, and during a stop in Berlin, someone in the crowd offered him… a Burger King crown.

A group of spectators — all wearing cardboard BK crowns — shook hands with Charles, and one man tried to give him a crown of his own. “That’s for you, if you want it,” he said. Charles laughed and said “I’m alright.” (Of course he is: no offense to Burger King, but the man does have access to the kind of crowns that are studded with chicken nugget-sized diamonds.)

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According to The Evening Standard, Charles and Camilla were enthusiastically received by the 1,500 people who lined the streets near the Brandenburg Gate. Some spectators waved signs and flags, while others had gifts for their Royal visitors. One man gave him “a series of photographs of him serving [Charles] fish and chips” during one of his previous trips to Germany.

Earlier this month, a woman in Colchester gave Camilla her own Burger King headgear during the Royals’ visit to the city in southeast England. “A last minute gift,” Liberty Williams said, handing Camilla the fast food chain crown. “Oh lovely, that’s very nice of you,” the Queen Consort replied. “Burger King!”

King Charles will officially be crowned on Saturday, May 6. If you haven’t scored an invite to Westminster Abbey, you could always go to Dallas, Texas, instead. That’s also the day that Darren McGrady, a former chef at Buckingham Palace, will be opening his latest fish-and-chips truck.

There’s no dress code for that ceremony, but we know where you could probably pick up a couple of paper crowns.

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