This company is using 'Aircrete' to create remarkable, low-cost dome homes: 'A pretty indestructible building'

Domegaia designs homes that look like something you might find on a luxury glamping vacation.

Under the surface, though, there’s much more going on. The company, founded by inventor Hajjar Gibran, doesn’t just design beautiful, striking homes — its buildings are also highly sustainable, and unbelievably cost-effective.

Thanks to a lightweight, non-toxic substance called AirCrete, Domegaia is able to build remarkable, fully livable homes for a fraction of what they’d normally cost.

“To me, I feel like modern-day building methods are so driven by the building industry and corporate interests … I don’t see it solving the need for affordable housing,” Gibran told In The Know. “What we really need are more creative and innovative solving the problems that humanity faces.”

With Domegaia, Gibran has been able to do exactly that. Aircrete, a mixture of cement, water and foam, is extremely cheap to make.

According to Gibran, the substance costs around $1 to $2 per square foot and per inch of thickness. That means Domegaia could make a 1,000-square-foot building with 4-inch-thick walls for less than $8,000. The materials keep the cost low no matter what — even for larger or slightly more elaborate domes.

Gibran sees Domegaia’s homes as a potential solution for affordable housing issues — including in areas with severe weather concerns.

“Domes are [one of] the strongest structures,” he said. “They can withstand the forces of wins and earthquakes … And cement is fireproof [and] waterproof so it is not going to be destroyed by fire, water and floods. So if you build a cement dome you have a pretty indestructible building.”

The domes’ durability also makes them more environmentally friendly. As Gibran points out, Domegaia’s materials have to be replaced less often, meaning they ultimately use fewer materials than traditional homes. Additionally, Gibran says AirCrete increases the volume of concrete sixfold, which means using less wasteful material to begin with.

While innovation is at the center of everything Domegaia does, Girban also sees his company as a return to a simpler, more naturalistic time — back when humans had a more healthy relationship with their environment.

“I love things being beautiful and just, nature to me is a great example to follow. You don’t see nature building boxes and rectangles,” Girban said. “Some of the great buildings that have endured over time are arches, domes, vaults. It just makes sense.”

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