Hurricane season: 9 generator safety tips

The Seminole County Office of Emergency Management is partnering with long-term care facilities to help test generators before hurricane season.


The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1.

In addition to checking the safety of your personal generator, it is also important to get a generator technician on the scene immediately after a hurricane.

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Here are nine safety tips:

  1. Never feed power from a portable generator into a wall outlet. This can kill linemen working to restore power or your neighbors served by the same transformer.

  2. Never run your generator in a garage, carport, crawl space, shed or porch. Place outdoors but under a cover to prevent electrocution if the unit gets wet. Be sure the generator isn’t positioned outside an open window, which can allow fumes into the home.

  3. Use a carbon monoxide alarm that’s battery-operated or has battery backup.

  4. Don’t use frayed, torn, or cut power cords. They can cause a fire or shock. Be sure all three prongs are intact and the cord is suitable for outdoor use.

  5. Store fuel and generator in ventilated areas away from natural-gas water heaters.

  6. Never have wet hands when operating a generator. Never let water come in contact with the generator.

  7. Most starters use rope pulls. If it uses a battery, keep it charged.

  8. Always turn the engine off before refueling and let the generator cool.

  9. Don’t spill fuel.

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