Huge Takeover Event Busted In Rural Georgia

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Huge Takeover Event Busted In Rural Georgia
Huge Takeover Event Busted In Rural Georgia

The street takeover or “sideshow” cancer seems to be spreading from the cities which have allowed them to be held relatively unchecked to more rural areas. A shocking example comes to us via Carroll County, Georgia where police believe about 1,000 people and 500 cars descended for an illegal, raucous event featuring drifting, burnouts, and plenty of law breaking.

Multiple people shot, two killed at a street takeover in Tennessee.

According to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, it found out in advance that the illegal event was going to held in the county and reached out the organizers who were promoting it through social media, telling them it was illegal since they didn’t have a permit.

Image via Carroll County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook
Image via Carroll County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

To be safe, help was calling in from Georgia State Patrol and deputies performed road checks in the area. But the street takeover crowds still showed up, with observers paying $15 to get in and participants paying $30.

Thanks to people in the crowd so kindly handing over evidence in the form of videos posted to social media, plus the sheriff’s department drone capturing some of the action from above, authorities were able to identify quite a few dangerous, illegal activities.

You can see people were brandishing firearms out car windows, blocking roadways, behaving recklessly in general, and even losing control of their rides as they plowed into the pedestrians who paid to be there.

After deputies disbanded the illegal takeover event, residents started calling in reports of speeding cars, reckless drivers, and even gunfire as the participants wove their way through the area, determined to keep having “fun.”

Two cars which allegedly were racing each other crashed while fleeing a deputy trying to conduct a traffic stop. There was also a large, out-of-control gathering at an area gas station.

This is becoming more of a thing for takeover organizers. They roll into a rural area which doesn’t have the means to deal with pop-up crowds, overwhelm local law enforcement, and then wreak havoc on the town as residents are terrified. This is “fun” for the takeover crowd.

Some citations were handed out and a few arrests made, but Carroll County Sheriff’s Office says it’s going through the evidence and plans to issue more citations and make additional arrests. In the meantime, many people who live in the county are fighting mad.

Images via Carroll County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

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