LIVE CHAT: Has HTC topped Apple and Samsung with this phone?

Talk live with HTC execs and tech writers about the HTC One, and how it stands up to the iPhone and Galaxy S4

In terms of reviews, the folks at HTC probably couldn't have wished for anything better than the wave of raves that met the release of the HTC One. Respected tech websites The Verge, AnandTech and TechCrunch all awarded high scores to the One; one longtime gadget reviewer, Engadget co-founder Peter Rojas, called it "the best smartphone ever produced by anyone."

In other words, us nerds really like it. But will the One click with the public? Apple and Samsung loyalists may be wondering: What does it offer, if anything, that the iPhone and Galaxy S4 do not?

On Monday, May 6, at 1:30PM, we're bringing in Global Product Manager for HTC J.B. McRee and HTC Director of PR Tom Harlin to answer your questions, in a freewheeling live chat about all things HTC and mobile phones. Yahoo! News Tech editor Jason Gilbert and BGR founder/renowned technology columnist Jonathan Geller will also be on hand to offer their opinions of the phone as well.

So: if you've got questions about the HTC One, or about the wild smartphone market in general, there's no better place to be than right here, starting at 1:30 PM sharp on Monday. Ask us absolutely anything, and we'll do our best to answer.