Hilarious or Creepy? Baby 'Wears' Wild Makeup


All photos by Imgur

Here’s one way to pass the time on a cold day with an infant: See what he looks like with makeup.


A mom who goes by “Unicorn Reality” had a little fun with a photo editing app called YouCam and her 7-week-old son, Gabriel, whom she’s affectionately nicknamed “Screamy.”

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"Hello world. No make up touched Gabriel’s skin so don’t worry. He is a very, very loved little boy," writes Unicorn Reality. "I intentionally take/use photos of him pulling faces and gurning because I live to amuse myself."

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The images were posted over the holiday weekend, where comments — some negative, others light-hearted — poured in. On Imgur, the photos were viewed more than 1.2 million times and received about 600 comments.

"Moms love to judge each other, and this is what’s going on when they comment," social psychologist Susan Newman, Ph.D. tells Yahoo Parenting. One parent, she says, may find these photos “offensive or totally out of line” while another “may think it’s absolutely hysterical.”

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That appears to be the case. Wrote one person on Imgur: “That’s adorable but also TERRIFYING!” Another posted: “NO NO NO NO… this is way too disturbing.” Comments also included, “I can’t stop laughing” and “parenting done right.”


"We all think our way of parenting is best and everyone has the same sense of humor," says Newman, the author of Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day. "In fact, they don’t."

But, Newman says, negative comments should be reserved for parents who enter their 5 and 6-year-olds in beauty contests and put real makeup on them. “That’s something to get up in arms about,” she says.

As for these photos? “I think this is a relatively harmless endeavor,” Newman says.

Besides, the cosmetics are fake. ”No make up has been anywhere near him. :)” assured Unicorn Reality, adding that the app “helps to pass the long hours of crying!”


The mom plans to hang on to the hilarious, and somewhat unnerving, shots until Gabriel, who was born on Dec. 23, hits a big milestone: His 21st birthday.

"I will put one on his 21st birthday cake!" she jokes.

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