The Heartwarming (And Completely Not Creepy) Reason People Are Decorating Their Christmas Trees with Spiders

Hear us out on this one y’all. This could very well become your new favorite holiday tradition.

Look out Christmas Pickle, there’s a new unlikely ornament in town, and this one has eight legs.

We know what you’re thinking: creepy crawlies have no place on your beautiful Christmas tree, no matter how seasonal. But hear us out. The Christmas Spider is nothing to be scared of. On the contrary, it’s based on a sweet European tale and could very well become your new favorite holiday tradition.

A folk tale most often attributed to Ukraine and Germany, the most popular version involves a widowed mother who was too poor to decorate her family’s Christmas tree. Her children spent that Christmas Eve crying in their beds, knowing that they would wake up to a bare tree the next morning. Hearing the sobs of the children, the spiders in the house decided to do what they could to decorate the tree.

So, the spiders created beautiful webs on the Christmas tree, and the next morning the family was greeted by a radiant sight: the golden sunlight reflecting off the spiders’ intricate silk patterns. According to the story, the widow and her children went on to live their lives with good fortune.

Today, people decorate their Christmas trees with spider ornaments as a reminder of nature’s bounty and to bring good luck in the new year.

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