Furry four-legged intruder makes surprise visit to Australian hospital

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Security camera footage of a koala wandering unhindered through the emergency ward of an Australian hospital has gone viral, with tens of thousands watching the curious critter on the Internet. The cameras captured the koala, an Australian native marsupial, strolling through the doors of the emergency department of the Hamilton Base Hospital in regional Victoria state. It then wandered back out again when it triggered the electronic doors. "We think this little chap has come from the park across the road," Brigid Kelly, the hospital's community liaison officer, told Reuters. The nonchalant koala's meanderings were reported by the BBC and quickly became a social media hit. Kelly said it was the first time the hospital had received such a visit. "Even the 'likes' and comments on Facebook have blown us away," she said. One Facebook user in the United States huffed: "If it were in the States, it'd be charged $500 for just walking in the door." (Reporting by Pauline Askin; Editing by Paul Tait)