Fourth of July fireworks to be launched from Longmont's fire training center

Apr. 22—The Skyline Kiwanis Club of Longmont plans to launch fireworks this Fourth of July from Longmont's fire training center at 111 First Ave., club president John Larkin confirmed earlier this month.

"After a lot of back and forth negotiating and planning, we have come to an agreement with the city to hold the fireworks at the fire training center," Larkin said.

The Longmont City Council voted to give the Skyline Kiwanis Club the option of shooting off fireworks from the fire training center during its meeting on April 9. The council stipulated that the streets "around the fire training center" must be closed "during the fireworks show."

The fire training center is north of Boston Avenue and west of South Martin Street near Dickens Farm Nature Area.

The Skyline Kiwanis Club has put on a Fourth of July fireworks display at the Fox Hill Club, near the eastern edge of the city, in recent years.

"We knew that we were going to need to be at a bigger venue eventually than Fox Hill," Larkin said. "The city was excited to make a bigger party for everybody that's more centralized and we wanted to be a part of that, and they wanted us to be a part of that."

The City Council has directed city government staffers to speak with businesses near Second Avenue and Emory Street, which is close to the fire training center, about holding a family-friendly Fourth of July event in that area where people could also watch the fireworks.

Some have questioned why the fireworks couldn't be moved back to the Boulder County Fairgrounds, where they were launched prior to the pandemic.

The fallout requirements associated with the fireworks would make a "significant portion of the (fairgrounds') parking area inaccessible" among other challenges, according to a council memo.

The Skyline Kiwanis Club raises money to pay for the estimated $50,000 fireworks display in its entirety. The club plans to do so again this year.

A drone show is also still in the works, but where it will happen has not been finalized.

Some residents have raised concerns about launching fireworks from the fire training center due to its proximity to Dickens Farm Nature Area and the possibility of spectators trampling the area.

"We will work on the planning of the overall community event and drone show next, which will include planning to protect Dickens Farm Nature Area, likely through fencing and staffing," Sandra Seader, Longmont assistant city manager, said in an email Friday.