Engadget Podcast: PlayStation 5 Pro rumors and a look back at the Playdate

We also dive into the sad death of indie studio Possibility Space.


The latest batch of rumors make it pretty clear that a PlayStation 5 Pro is coming this year, but will anyone really care about slightly better 4K graphics? This week, Engadget Senior Editor Jessica Conditt joins Cherlynn and Devindra to chat about the PS5 Pro, as well as her piece on the PlayDate two years after its release. You could say the Playdate is pretty much the opposite of another expensive high-end console.

In other news, we discuss the death of Boston Dynamic's hydraulic Atlas robot, and the birth of an all-new digital model. We also chat about the abrupt closure of Possibility Space, an ambitious indie game studio.

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  • Jess Conditt on Playstation 5 Pro rumors – 0:48

  • Jess’ thoughts on Panic’s innovative handheld, the Playdate, 2 years later – 14:24

  • Indie game studio Possibility Space announces closure, CEO blames media leaks – 27:29

  • Other News: Boston Dynamics unveils new, all electric Atlas robot – 35:39

  • Menteebot is a human-sized, GPT-powered robot you can command with natural language – 39:52

  • NASA confirms Florida man’s house was hit by space junk – 44:06

  • Sony (finally) changes its confusing product names – 46:05

  • Working on – 50:35

  • Pop culture picks – 56:35

Hosts: Cherlynn Low and Devindra Hardawar
Guests: Jessica Conditt
Producer: Ben Ellman
Music: Dale North and Terrence O'Brien

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