The enemies of the West are exploiting our open borders

People traffickers are exploiting migrants
People traffickers are exploiting migrants - Juan Manuel Blanco /Shutterstock

America’s insulation culture makes it easier to ignore greater issues happening across the world, giving us the false impression that the world’s problems won’t reach our doorsteps.

We see ourselves as an advanced nation with advanced concerns, freed from the great burdens faced by those living within failed states wracked by extreme violence.

But such cruelty is closer to us than we think: the hyper-partisan behaviour of our federal government and subsequent politicisation of our borders have left America vulnerable to external problems taking root at home.

The massacre at the Crocus City Hall concert venue in Moscow, where at least 137 people were killed by the hands of ISIS terrorists, is once again bringing to light the vulnerability of western nations and the resurgence of motivated homicidal radicals who want to tear down our civilisation one citizen at a time.

In the aftermath of the massacre, French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged that Russia wasn’t the only planned target by an ISIS affiliate based in Afghanistan (ISIS-Khorasan, also known as ISIS-K). “The information available to us... as well as to our main partners, indicates indeed that it was an entity of the Islamic State which instigated this attack... This group also tried to commit several actions on our own soil.”

America is currently facing record levels of illegal migration. While the vast majority of people attempting to enter through the southern border are acting out of need (whether through a desire to seek asylum or simply to build a better life through economic migration), the impossible task of vetting people in such numbers places the government in a precarious position.

We are currently not in control of our borders but instead reactionaries to the whims of human traffickers and smugglers who are exploiting our security weaknesses for profit. The Biden administration’s incompetency has uplifted criminal enterprises that take advantage of the vulnerable in poorer nations – and may even be willing to bring terrorists closer to their American target.

In 2023, US Border Patrol had recorded 172 encounters with individuals between ports of entry at the northern border and southern border who were on the terrorist watchlist. The number of known or strongly suspected terrorists attempting to enter was even higher, from 380 in 2022 to 564 in 2023.

564 people in comparison to the millions of people who have otherwise entered the country illegally may seem insignificant. Even still, most Americans would feel aghast at accepting any number of convicted terrorists through an illegal crossing – forget about hundreds.

Don’t forget that these numbers are based only on those US authorities were able to detain. There is still an undetermined amount of people living in the shadows of our society who were never caught by law enforcement. The horrifying truth is that we have little idea of just how many truly dangerous individuals are living among us.

I vividly remember the attacks during 9/11, and the national confusion over how something so heinous could have been completely missed by our national security apparatus. I fear with increased tensions around the world and decreased scrutiny of our borders, we are on the precipice of yet another tragic event occurring.

It’s not unrealistic to posit that ISIS acolytes could be among those who are being trafficked here, especially when the FBI has already been alerted to a smuggler with ISIS ties that helped Uzbek-nationals enter the United States in August 2023. Our glaring national security flaws only push me to regrettably ask this question: are we next?

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