Elon Musk recommends to sacrifice Ukraine's integrity to avoid World War III

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Billionaire Elon Musk believes that military conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine could escalate into World War III, so the US should improve relations with Russia and persuade Ukraine to cease fire.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Globely News, based on a discussion in Spaces on Twitter

Quote from Musk: "We need to figure out peace in Ukraine, and I think we need to restore normal relations with Russia."

Details: Speaking at an online discussion on Twitter on 23 October, Musk suggested that "US policy has been forcing Russia to ally with Iran and China" and that an alliance of Russia, China and Iran could defeat the West in a global conflict.

According to Musk, a fierce confrontation with China and Russia would be catastrophic for the US, as Russia with its rich raw materials and China with its phenomenal industrial potential "is a formidable combination".

Musk believes that "civilization itself may be at stake", so the priority of US policy should be "avoiding World War 3" and preventing a situation of "a regional conflict rapidly becoming a global conflict".

Musk considers Ukraine's war against Russia to be a hopeless situation.

The billionaire called on the US to "figure out" a way to peace in Ukraine and "resume normal relations with Russia".

During the Spaces discussion, Musk suggested that there is no anti-Russian insurgency in the Russian-occupied "Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine", hinting that the current lines of control could be transformed into a ceasefire or permanent border.

Musk believes a ceasefire is possible because it makes no sense to force areas that supposedly want to be part of Russia to be a part of Ukraine. He is convinced that Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine and Crimea really want to be Russian.

The billionaire does not understand why soldiers of both countries die every day. In his opinion, Russia will not leave these lands, and Ukraine will not succeed with a smaller army, so a ceasefire is the best way out for the Ukrainian people.

US Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy also joined Musk at the Spaces session organised by venture capitalist David Sacks.

Ramaswamy echoed Musk's warnings about the possibility of global conflict, telling the audience that "if we do enter World War 3, the United States as we know it will cease to exist".

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