Donald Trump: Put the nation first by doing the unthinkable -- admit your guilt.

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Trump, cop a plea for nation's good

We have just begun the first of many criminal trials against a former president. We are spending, most would say wasting, hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours to do so. Think of all the court time and security and law enforcement time being spent on this that would be so much better spent elsewhere. It all could easily be avoided. Dear Mr. Trump, here is maybe your last chance to save some small scrap of positive history for yourself. You can, for the first time in your life, do the right thing for someone other than yourself.

You could, save your country, your family and the world from this lengthy, totally unnecessary process. You could work out a deal, plead guilty to some of the charges, apologize for all of your transgressions and beg for forgiveness and mercy from the court. It would save our country from enormous tribulations and help to heal some of the extensive damage you have caused. It won’t save you from the list of despicable leaders but it may improve your standing a few notches. Americans would thank you.

Kirk Harris, North Palm Beach

Former President Donald Trump encouraged by Post reader to cop a plea for the good of the country.
Former President Donald Trump encouraged by Post reader to cop a plea for the good of the country.

Trump's courtroom antics continue: Trump angry he may miss son Barron's graduation, campaign events. Then announces NC rally.

Palm Beach Gardens becoming too much

As a long time resident of Palm Beach Gardens, I'm shocked by the recent spate of approvals for new construction without apparent consideration to road overcrowding and the general quality of life for the constituency to which the city council is responsible. It appears that the primary mover on the Council's agenda is increasing the revenue base. The final insult to the residents was the most recent approval, a 331-apartment complex at the corner of the already overcrowded corner of PGA and Central boulevards. I moved to Palm Beach Gardens when it was the "not Boca" and the Council, which at the time was driven by the vision of people like Eric Jablin and Joe Russo, who were interested in balancing growth with providing the community with parks and beauty (note: the sculpture and unique bridge on PGA Boulevard). That vision seems to have been replaced by the dollar sign.

Ellie Schweitzer, Palm Beach Gardens

Israel not 'fair-weather friend'

Re the writer on “Is Israel a fair-weather friend:” I would like to point out that yes they did abstain from an earlier United Nations resolution to condemn Russian invasion of the Ukraine. At the time Russia controlled the air space over Syria which Israel used to target Iran if necessary. Israel was also the first Western leader to sit down with Vladimir Putin in order to try and mediate a solution. In a subsequent meeting of the U.N. on March 2, 2022, Israel did vote with the U.S. in condemning Russia.

Jim Sexton, North Palm Beach

This article originally appeared on Palm Beach Post: Donald Trump: Save the nation, cop a plea