Doctor Richard Scolyer cancer-free one year after using own revolutionary treatment on terminal brain tumor

Australian doctor Richard Scolyer, renowned for his work on melanoma, has revealed that he remains cancer-free. This comes a year after he underwent an experimental treatment for glioblastoma, one of the deadliest forms of brain cancer. Collaborating with colleague Georgina Long, their immunotherapy research has significantly improved outcomes for melanoma patients. Scolyer and Long have previously said the odds of a cure are "miniscule," but they hope the experimental treatment will prolong Scolyer's life. Scolyer's treatment involves a combination of drugs and a personalized vaccine, pioneering techniques he helped develop. " However, the pair stress the need for further work to make the treatment effective for all. We're not there yet. What we have to really focus on is showing that this pre-surgery, combination immunotherapy type of approach works in a large number of people," said Professor Georgina Long.