Deputies fatally shoot man holding grenade in Pierce County

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Deputies with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department were involved in a shooting after following a man with a grenade Friday, according to Sergeant Darren Moss.

At about 10:30 a.m., three deputies were following a man holding a grenade on train tracks near Franklin Pierce High School in the Parkland/Midland area.

The Pierce County Force Investigation Team said that deputies tried to make contact but the man walked away and was approaching the area of two schools that were in session.

At some point, the man showed a hand grenade and pulled the pin, while keeping the grenade in his hand.

After deputies tried to arrest him, using what they call “non-lethal” means, the man pulled out a gun.

KIRO 7 doesn’t know if he shot at deputies – but investigators say three deputies shot at him.

The mid-20s man was killed and no deputies were injured.

According to Chopper 7 video from the scene, bomb squad members worked to clear the scene of the grenade. It is unknown if the grenade was functional.

Investigators said the man had been fired by a pub down the street from the railroad tracks earlier that day. He showed up Friday morning and was making threats to shoot up the bar and employees.

According to the school district, Franklin Pierce High School was placed on a modified lockdown, but that lockdown ended just before 1 p.m.