Construction on Route 129 disrupts neighbors and businesses in Lynn

Route 129, also known as Lynnfield Street in Lynn, has always been a busy road.

“This is my main route to get out to the highway and all of that stuff,” said David Agocs, who lives in town.

But now under construction since 2022 it’s causing a never-ending line of cars and trucks.

“It’s ridiculous, it’s ridiculous. You can’t get in you can’t get out you’re sitting in traffic for hours,” said Pam Crichton, who lives right off Lynnfield Street.

And all that traffic is raising dust and some people’s blood pressure.

“The dust yeah on the windows, on the porches. Not fun,” said Crichton.

She is not alone in her disdain for dust. Her neighbor Sandy Seabrook is not happy.

“Oh my God. My house is a mess, my house is all dusty. My car is dusty. It’s a mess,” said Seabrook.

If all the traffic and dirt isn’t bad enough, it’s also taking a toll on local businesses like Nickey’s. The owner posted a message saying he’s closed until construction ends.

That left poor David, who came to get his wife a pizza, at a loss too.

“Looks like Nickey couldn’t take it anymore? I know. I can’t blame him,” he said.

So David headed back onto Route 129 on a mission to make his wife happy.

“Yeah, look at it. There’s no place to park and this traffic. I mean who wants to get involved in this? I mean I’m going to turn around and go back that way,” said Agocs.

Residents are hoping the road will at least be paved soon and all this pain will be worth it.

“But you know hopefully it’ll all work out and it’ll be a nice street,” said Seabrook.

No word on when the construction will be over.

A MassDOT web page shows after two years, it’s only 28% complete.

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